Busy Times!

13th June 2018

This years probably been my most constructive musically; After whittling down from 6 bands last year (yup, 6) I’ve finally found ‘home’ in two.

Here’s a snippet (a tease, really) fo some upcoming Axiom stuff; I’m so pleased with how this project is developing after and arduous 18 months of trying to find a sound, and way that works for everyone!


Next up is 13 Sterling, a project that’s actually been founded by myself two of my students!  We’re heading into the studio at the start of August, but here’s  a snippet to keep you going 🙂


13 Sterling features ex Myth City drummer Simon Hutching on drums and bass player Matt Stephenson who’ve brought and insane level of musicianship and song writing sensibility.  I can’t wait to see how our EP shapes up 🙂

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