Deciding To Play As A Left, Or Right Hander

I’ve had quite a few left handed students over the years, and as long as they’ve never played before I make sure to have a chat with them about considering going right handed.  Playing guitar requires a great deal of coordination form BOTH hands, and I honestly don’t believe these’s any benefit or loss to playing left or right handed.

It’s that simple!

Please bear in mind; My objective here isn’t to put you off playing left handed, but to try and dispel some common misconceptions made by left handed players.


Left Or Right Handed

Left Or Right Handed – Choose Wisely!

So Why Should I Consider Playing Right Handed As A Lefty?

Variety And ChoiceSimple: Choice.

The majority of people are right handed.  Guitar manufacturers are businesses.  They’re going to make the majority of their guitars to suit the majority of people that are going to play them.

The sad truth is that as a lefty, you are almost always going to have to sacrifice on limited choice, or potentially paying slightly more for the left handed equivalent of an instrument.

None of the above should come at the sacrifice of comfort;  If you really aren’t comfy playing right handed, thats going to compromise your desire to practise.  If you don’t practise, you’ll never improve.

I’m Still Not Convinced, I Definitely Want To Play Left Handed

Nice Try But Im Not Convinced

If the pitfalls above don’t perturb you; great.  You do still have tones of options.

One of these is my favourite Birmingham guitar store guitarguitar who recently announced that they carry the largest left handed stock in Europe!

Check out the the press release below, and follow the links to find out more.

If you’ve ever found your dream guitar and had your hopes dashed as you found out it was no longer available; you’ve experienced a fraction of the heartbreak that too many left-handed guitarists have been forced to put up with! Constantly bombarded with beautiful guitars online and in stores, the southpaws among us all too often end up having a tough time of it. With far too many retailers failing to consider the lefties among us, visiting a guitar shop can often turn into a testing experience!

Thankfully, we’ve created a sanctuary where we do so much more than blow the dust off one of the few left-handed models, forgotten in the stock room. Catering to everyone, we take pride in providing an extensive selection of left-handed guitars. Doing everything we can to provide just as wide a selection, guitarguitar is a haven for lefties where you don’t have to compromise and you most definitely don’t have to settle for anything less than what you came to see us for, your dream guitar. Come and pay us a visit today and check out the biggest selection of left-handed guitars in Europe!

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