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Chord voicing / common variations of G, D, C  


I’m struggling to keep up to speed with simple AC/DC songs using traditional open chords. 

I need to know the variations & rock voicing Angus typically uses to make these chord changes fast and fluid with a rock vibe , I think these are called open 5ths  G5,D5 C5add9 . They seem more like the rock sound I want & look quicker to position compared to playing standard G,D,C 

Thanks 🙂 🤟🏻 

Topic starter Posted : 03/12/2018 5:28 pm

Hi Matt,

Awesome to see you apply some theory to help explore the timbre of different chord voicing's!

If you are using chord charts for playing songs that simply say 'C5/A5' etc you are going to need to use your ear to decide on the appropriate voice.  It sounds like you've done this, and concluded they are open chords.  Based on the chord diagrams you've sent over to me, you may however be assuming that Angus is playing all six strings?

Begin by really listening to his playing - does it sound like that?  Compare it to your playing all sings string on an open chord  Hopefully you can hear a difference!

I believe Angus was a prolific left hand muter and thumb over the top player.  This video does a great job of illustrating how he employed these techniques to control which notes are actually sounding when he used open shapes:

I hope this helps!

Posted : 04/12/2018 12:16 pm