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How to avoid overshooting Slides?  


When practicing slides I've noticed on Higher frets I seem to regularly over or under shoot. For example, going from fret 16-21, I might land on fret 20 or 22. Is there anything I can do to help this?

Topic starter Posted : 28/08/2018 10:14 am

Hey Paul!

This is something I had a massive issue with be honest I still often do in the heat of a live performance.

The solution is simple; Look at the fret you want to "hit"  😀 

This is pretty simple at lower speeds, as you have to time to acknowledge what you are going to do, but starts to get tricky as you build speed, or try slides over longer distances or intervals.

  1. Start to think about looking at your target fret as early as possible without impacting what you are doing in the moments; Anticipate!
  2. For larger intervals, use the fret markers to your advantage.  You might for example target fret 13 by knowing it's the one up from the 12th fret, which has it's more distinctive markings!
  3. RELAX.  Squeezing too hard means friction, friction means you'll likely undershoot, then overshoot in a panic to remedy your issue!

Hope that helps - let us know how you get on!

Posted : 29/08/2018 11:06 am