The barre chord
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The barre chord  


Is the barre in a barre chord over emphasised ?

As long as you are playing the root note , the 5th and the octave & possibly the 3rd depending if it’s major or minor ..

Then really the barre finger is just used for the root note ?

So why put so much pressure on the 1st finger barring ( metaphorically & literally speaking ) it can be such an ache ..

Yes this may sound controversial lol

When using the tip of the index finger to play the root note and using the rest of the index finger to barre the remaining notes of the same  fret . Should for arguments sake a particular note the barre finger be fretting not get pressed hard enough and becomes muted ,no one really hears the difference.. to the untrained ear anyways (just my opinion)

Also ,I’ve noticed around the grapevine that the high e string is nearly always muted when playing a 5th string barre chord and often muted when playing a 6th string barre chord ..

So can I mainly , not always but mainly use the barre finger just to fret the root note when playing barre chords  ?

Or do I need a massive slap in the face haha?

Many thanks 


Topic starter Posted : 11/08/2019 12:55 pm
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Sounds like you are confusing power chords with barre chords to me.

A power chord is the root, 5th and octave (usually).

Barre chords or chords which employ barring are usually at the very least major or minor, with extensions (7th, 9th etc).

Choosing how much of the voicing of a chord is immaculately recreated is going to vary by player, and what is being conveyed musically speaking.

Hope that helps?

Posted : 11/08/2019 4:23 pm