Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried to answer most common queries here, but if you have a more specific query please do get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Where are you located, and is there parking?


Im located at Longleat Avenue, Birmingham B15 2EX. You can get directions here.


Parking is completely free at all times except 11am-12pm (noon) during the week.  If you struggle to find a space on Longleat Avenue, I would advise trying Alfred Night Way, or Mason Way, which both put you within 2-3 minutes walking distance.

Failing that, economical paid parking is available on Bath Row, just after the Tesco Express, again 2-3 minutes walking distance from me.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
All payments are made in advance of lessons, and I accept all major credit cards.

You don’t need a PayPal account to make payment, just a credit or debit card.  Find out more about this here.

When do you teach?

Saturday -
Sunday -
You can book online at your discretion and pick a time slot that works for you.

Do you teach children?
Yes, children may enrol from the age of 4 and up.  CRB/DBS information is available on request.

Much of teaching a child this young is down to what can be done at home with regard to practise and motivation. It’s obviously incredibly important to keep kids stimulated, and will require as much commitment from parents as the student.

With regard to ergonomics; children under 10 will almost certainly need a child appropriate guitar, or perhaps even a Ukelele to get them started. I’d advise coming for a free first lesson where we can asses your child’s needs.

How long will I need to take lessons to become competent / achieve my goals?
This question really needs to be assessed on an individual basis, as all students learn at different rates, have different goals, etc. However, here are some loose estimates based on starting as a complete beginner:

  • Hobbyist level (achieve competence at rhythm techniques and learn a repertoire of 10 chord or riff based songs): 2-3 years
  • Semi-professional (performance) level: 4 to 5 years

It should also be noted that children tend to learn faster than mature students. Middle-aged and older students should expect to learn more slowly.

Can I buy lessons as a gift for my spouse / family member?
Yes, but I must speak to the prospective student personally in order to assess his/her particular requirements and determine which program would be most suitable.
Do you teach acoustic and/or bass guitar and Ukele?
In Short: Yes!

The difference between acoustic and electric is less than you might imagine. Most playing techniques are common to both instruments, and the choice to pursue one rather than the other is largely a matter of taste. If you are a complete beginner wondering which one to take up and you don’t have any particular preference, consider getting a cheap electric guitar. (At this stage, you don’t even really need an amplifier unless you’re looking to produce a distorted rock/metal sound.) The strings will be lighter and closer to the fretboard, making it easier to fret notes and chords while you build up the strength in your hands.

Bass guitar has some unique attributes and techniques such as slapping, and a slight difference to guitars; generally speaking chords are not played on bass, and it overlaps between a rhythm and melody instrument.  I can cover finger style, or plectrum style bass depending on your preferences.

Ukele is essentially a 4 string guitar with a different tuning that requires an approach more akin the acoustic guitar.

Can I borrow a guitar/amp for my lesson?
Yes. Absolutely!  Let me know what you need during your booking process and load equipment for the duration of the lesson can be arranged.
Can I Cancel/Rearrange My Lesson?

Right after booking a lesson you’ll receive a confirmation email.  In this is a link that will let you reschedule your lesson up to 48 hours before hand.

Canceled or missed lessons within the 48 hour period will not be refunded, but I may reschedule your booking.  This is completely discretionary and I reserve the right to change my decision at any time.

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