Tab Notebook

Tab Notebook From Amazon Prime

Recently I’ve found that my students are increasingly becoming digital natives. As a result when I offer to email them blank tab sheets that they can print at home, I’m often met with the response; “Ah …I don’t own a printer!”.

I do actually think this is a good thing, but it does leave us with the conundrum of how to get them reading and writing guitar TAB.

I have to say that these TAB notebooks are an absolute necessity for any of my students, or anyone looking to write down the music they create. At just £3.25 they are an absolute bargain too.

A ton has already been written about how to read and write tab online but this is one of my favourite articles that pretty much explains everything you need to know.

If you are of the few left that does own a printer, and want to create some of your own TAB sheets, then I haven’t forgotten you -here’s a download for a free PDF.

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