Main Parts Of A Guitar And What They Do

25th August 2017

If you’ve been trying to learn what the various parts of a guitar are called, but just can’t seem to hold onto the information then have a crack and the game/quiz below.

Simply drag/drop the part name onto the relevant area on the guitar and check your answers!

There’s also a handy guide to what each part does below the quiz – enjoy!

The Head Stock

The head stock of the guitar is usually a rectangular piece of wood at far or opposite end of the body that holds your tuning keys.

The Neck

The neck of your guitar is pretty self explanatory. The neck is the section of the guitar that holds your fretboard, strings, and headstock.  This is where we hold the strings down in order to create notes.

The Body

The body of the guitar supports several other parts essential to your playing. There are many types of body styles for acoustics, and they come in different sizes.  The body has a huge impact on the sound and tone of an instrument, as it’s job is to take the resonation from the strings and amplify it either outward (acoustic guitar) or to embellish the sound of pickups (semi-acoustic/electric guitar).

The Soundhole

The soundhole on a guitar is fairly unique to acoustic. Electric guitars do occasionally have soundholes, but often take different and less recognisable shapes. The soundhole on a guitar provides you with one thing: acoustics. This is where sound reverberates into the body and gets amplified.

When playing, it’s best to play just over the soundhole, for a louder, cleaner sound.


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