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Guitar Lessons Birmingham

My name’s Zaid Crowe.  I provide ukulele, electric, acoustic and bass guitar lessons in Birmingham for all ages & abilities.

One to one, group and familly lessons in person, in my comfortable and relaxed home studio or over Skype.

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First Lesson Free

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Guitar Lessons In Birmingham

Reviews from my students describe me as an accomplished, committed and enthusiastic guitar teacher.

My teaching style focuses on fun with a balance of all the knowledge you need to become a capable guitarist.  With a strong grounding in music theory that’s applicable to your desired playing style, my guitar lessons in Birmingham guarantee you the most relevant way to increase your skill level.

Whether you are an advanced student at playing the instrument or need help to get started, you are at the right place!


First Lesson FREE


All Ages & Abilities


In person or Over Skype


Acoustic, Electric, Bass & Ukuele Lessons


Borrow an Instrument During Your lesson


Study grades, or less formally based on what you want to achieve!

I have known Zaid for just shy of 20 years now. In that time he has helped me grow as both a guitarist and a musician. He is friendly, approachable and knowledgable, with a passion for helping others understand how to use theory practically.

Paul Willimson

Paul has been checking in with me for over 20 years to continue to build on his technique and music theory

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Guitar Lessons Tailored For Everyone


Kids can begin lessons with me from the age of 4.  I aim to get get kids having fun and playing songs quickly in order to engage and entertain them.

Most importantly I offer out of lesson support to parents to ensure children get the most from their practise time.

Find out more about guitar lessons for children.


Learn how to tune your instrument and understand the importance of good posture before moving on to learning chords, rhythm and basic scales.

With the basic under your belt you’ll be learning your favourite songs in no time!

Check out some of my free online material for beginners.


For guitarists with an established technique and repertoire looking to really progress to the net level.

Learn to understand the modes, diatonic harmony and master improvisation & composition by delivering these with blistering technical skills.

You may also be interested in my group improvisation classes!


I’ve been a guitarist for over 20 years and have played hundreds of live gigs in bands covering Rock, Jazz, Blues, Indie and Pop.

I believe in a holistic approach to advanced level guitar playing, leveraging a combination of the three notes per string and CAGED system methodologies.

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Happy Students

Everyone learns a little differently, and I work extremely hard to make sure students get the support they need both in lessons but also in between.

Check out some testimonials
from past and current

I’ve had a few lessons with Zaid and I’m astounded by how differently I now approach the fretboard. Zaid breaks down complex ideas into easy to digest chunks of information, and teaches them to you in a way that you can actually apply to your playing. Zaid is friendly, knowledgeable and patient, and I would highly recommend his tuition. If you have hit a plateau in your playing (as I had) you will be amazed at how quickly taking lessons with a good teacher will change the way that you approach your instrument.

James Kershaw

Skype Guitar Student from Zaid's Guitar Lessons in Birmingham

Zaid is such a kind and patient tutor!! After the lessons with Zaid, my 5 years old son have developed his interest on playing guitar (which is guitalele for his age). Being parents without any music knowledge, he managed to teach him to fully understand the knowledge and skill during the lessons!
Rather than watching TV, my son now likes to spend more times on his little guitar at home.

Tim Ngai

Tim is a parent of one of my 5 year old guitar Students in Birmingham

After trying to find guitar lessons in Birmingham for several months I finally stumbled across Zaid.

Within a few short lessons he had already helped me master several simple chords and gave me the ability to learn songs by finding tabs online. Wherever I get stuck I use Zaid’s tuition to help me overcome hurdles; I really can’t recommend this Birmingham guitar tutor highly enough for any skill level guitarist looking to improve their abilities!

Matt Stephenson

Matt came to me as a formidable bass player wanting to extend his repertoire to guitar

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