Discovering Cameron

I stumbled across Cameron’s Instagram account while stalking fellow Strandberg players.  What caught my eye initially was the caption in his video discussing string choice.

Then I watched the video.  I was blown away.

The web, and Instagram in particular is choc full of dudes that can burn up a fretboard, but there’s only a small subset that can do it with a balance of razor sharp execution, great tone, melody and emotion.

For me Cameron ticked all these boxes.

One Of The Nicest Dudes

After following Cameron I found a great deal of Inspiration in the licks he was posting; but what made me want to profile him as a player, was how down to earth and humble he is.

After watching him on a live stream, and enjoying his interactions with both myself and his other follows I asked if he be up for it.  Luckily he was 🙂

I’ve tried to cover as much ground as possible, but if you’ve got any more questions – it’s worth asking them in the comments at the bottom of this post, I’m sure Cameron would be more than happy to reply directly.

"Guitar is like an addiction to me..."

- Cameron Brown

Tell Us About Yourself

Where Are You From?

Edinburgh, Scotland

How Old Are You?

I’m 22

Favourite Guitarist?

Eddie Van Halen

What's Your Playing Style


How long have you been playing? And From what age?

I’m not 100% sure when I first played guitar, probably from around three or four years old, my dad is a guitar player and he always had guitars around the house.

He showed me about four chords when my hands were barely big enough to reach around a guitar neck! Saying that though I’ve been properly playing guitar (as in taking it seriously) from around the age of nine or ten.

What's your favourite guitar gadget?

My snark tuner! Nothing worse than a guitar thats out of tune haha!


Snark Tuner

Pick of choice?

Whenever I can get my hands on one, the elusive Red Bear Big Jazzer picks are my favourite but they’re pretty hard to come by so I normally use Jim Dunlop John Petrucci Signature picks.

John Petrucci Plectrum

String brand and gauge of choice?

Ernie Ball, I constantly go back and forward between string gauges, right now I’m using 10’s but at the start of this year I was playing heavier music tuned down to C so I was using 11-54’s.

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Strings

What’s your advice for up and comers looking for endorsements?

My advice would be to find a company that really supports you and also make sure that you really genuinely love the product that your endorsing, that way both parties are happy. I absolutely love .strandberg* guitars so when I tell people how amazing they are I really mean it.

Is there a skill or style you’ve yet to develop/work on that you’d really like to?

There are so many different skills and styles on the guitar that I’m yet to and want to develop, I think thats part of the beauty of being a guitar player, you can never learn enough if that makes sense? It keeps it really exciting and fun that way. Id really love to get better at finger picking, it blows my mind seeing guys who can play a lead melody whilst doing a descending bass line at the same time! Also I’d really like to get more into jazz fusion stuff, like Guthrie Govan’s style, I just don’t know where to start with that kind of thing!

Give one piece of advice to someone trying to develop speed on the guitar

I think the best piece of advice that I could give is to figure out what techniques work for you in terms of speed, whether its alternate picking, legato or sweep picking and work on that until you’re really comfortable with it. After that you can work on the other techniques and bring them up to speed. for example I’m a legato guy by nature, so I worked on that a lot to start with before I tried anything like sweeps etc.

Give one piece of advice to someone trying to develop better phrasing on the guitar

Listen to Guthie Govan!! haha! For me listening to players like Guthrie really helped my phrasing, hearing the way he could play the same note 1,000 different ways totally blew my mind and that really shows how you can find your own sound, everyone sounds different with guitar. It’s all in your hands, take away pedals, amps and all of that stuff and you’ll hear the pure tone and sound that comes out of you as a player. I hope that answers that question.

Give one piece of advice to someone trying to develop better melodic approach on the guitar

I think a good piece of advice for developing a melodic approach to the guitar in terms of playing a solo is listen to the music, take away/don’t think about technique for a second and listen to what melody is in your head, try to convey that through your playing as best as you can and you’ll be surprised with what comes to you.

What’s your opinion on theory, and do you use any?

I think theory is great to a point, I’m not huge on theory in the sense that I couldn’t sit and sight read a guitar piece and play it that way but I think its important to know your guitar neck. I highly recommend learning the CAGED system, know where the notes are, the scales and modes etc, at the same time without sounding cheesy, play from the heart and play what your ear wants to hear. I’m of the opinion that if it sounds right, then it is. I use theory for finding where I should and shouldn’t play on a guitar if I’m playing along to a backing track or writing a song but thats about as far as my theory knowledge goes.

You only have three minutes a day to practise. What would you focus on?

Damn, thats a tough one. I guess it depends on the day, I try my best to learn something new on guitar everyday. if it was today for example id be practising bending, I’ve been trying to get my bends as accurate as possible and also trying to bend with only certain fingers like my pinky!
Describe your playing style (shredder, melodic etc etc) I’d probably say I’m classed as a ‘shredder’, although I do play lots of different styles like blues because I’m a huge SRV fan, which is the total opposite of shred, blues is more about holding a note and making it as convincing as you can as opposed to playing loads of notes. I guess I leave it up to other people to decide what my style is haha!

Name your favourite ‘house hold name’ guitarist and explain why

Eddie Van Halen. He’s the reason I play guitar, the moment my dad introduced me to his playing and the first four Van Halen albums my life changed forever, I became completely obsessed with his playing and I wanted to be able to make a guitar sound like that one day. He in my book took the world of guitar and completely turned it on its head. 30 years down the line people are still trying to work out what he was doing on those albums. his playing is so unique and nobody has even came close to replicating it, I think that shows how amazing of a musician he is.

Name your favourite Instagram/youtube internet guitarist and explain why

Thats a tough one, there are so many amazing guitar players out there, each and every one of them are unique to themselves and bring something great to the table. Right now i’d say my favourite Instagram/Youtube guitarist would be Mateus Asato, I always get excited whenever he posts a new video. He makes guitar looks so effortless and the stuff he plays is mind blowing. His sense of melody and feel is so unique, he’s one of those players that the moment you hear him, you know its him.

What are you currently working on in your your practise time, and why?

I’m currently working on phrasing and trying to be a more versatile player. I took a couple weeks of playing guitar just recently so that I could focus on discovering new music to keep myself inspired. I think its important to keep learning and discovering new things so you don’t fall into the trap of playing the same licks/same styles too much.

You're endorsed by .strandberg* guitars and fu-tone right?

It’s funny today I’m writing this and its the two year anniversary of the very first time I ever played a .strandberg* guitar. I totally fell in love with them from the moment I picked up a Plini signature model in GuitarGuitar Edinburgh, they sound like no other guitar I’ve ever played, they’re incredibly versatile and they’re also so effortless to play.

They fit all of my needs as a guitar player and also, Ola, Kasey, Ed Yoon and everyone else at .strandberg* are incredibly supportive and amazing to work with, it feels more like a family and I love that.

Any active bands/project currently?

I’m currently not playing in any bands but I am in the middle of writing and recording my first solo instrumental album which should be out at the start of next year (2018). I also do guest solos for other musicians, which is always fun.

How many guitars do you own, and why?

I own quite a lot of guitars, I’ve accumulated a lot over the years from pretty much saving every wage I ever earned and spending almost all of it on guitars or guitar related things. Guitar is like an addiction to me, I own a lot of different kinds of guitars and they all serve a purpose, for example I have an old strat because I love that vintage tone that you can’t seem to get from any other guitar. I also have a couple of seven string guitars because I love the extended range stuff even though I’m predominantly a 6 string player. I have four .strandberg* guitars as I can’t get enough of them, I absolutely love those guitars!

Where can people follow you online?

Check out the links below!