Veevar Guitar; Guitar Tuition With A Difference

16th April 2018

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that I’ve gone on board with an exciting new online guitar tuition platform.



Veevar Guitar was founded by guitar tutor extraordinaire Adam Welch three years ago In an attempt to provide online guitar tuition with a difference.  While I’m very supportive of apps that have developed over the last few years for teaching guitar, many of my students have come to me having used them and end up extremely frustrated.

These apps can’t see your technique. They can’t hear how you play. And most fundamentally they can’t answer any questions you might have about playing guitar.

Veevar Guitar addresses this gap in your online guitar education by supplying the the missing piece in the puzzle; A real human being.

As an exclusive introduction to the platform, 20 of my students will be getting FREE access to the online syllabus.  This covers everything from beginners through to advanced content for guitarists aspiring to take there playing to a professional standard.

Hugely excited to show you guys what’s available hear!  If you have any questions please get in touch.

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