I'm Zaid Crowe, Birmingham Based Guitarist & Tutor


The web is overflowing with a mixture of free guitar courses.  But what if they aren’t for you? Then I guess that’s why you are here; looking for the right tutor.


Daunting task right?  Let me introduce myself.

Who Am I?

My names Zaid Crowe and I’m a Birmingham based guitarist and tutor.

After 25 years working as a professional musician, studio engineer, and within the digital music industry for record labels alongside the likes of Pink Floyd and Radiohead, I can now share my knowledge and experience with you.

You can get a better insight to me by reading my blog, checking out some of my video, or by following me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Finally, you might want to take a look at some reviews from existing and past students. Feel free to reach out to them for an honest opinion!

Discovering Music

I discovered music at the age 11 and it instantly resonated with me.  Fortunately, I had a Dad that recognised this, and told me some amazing stories about his time in bands as a younger man.

As I began to listen to more and more music I discovered it affected me in really positive ways, inspiring creativity and boosting my ability to communicate and concentrate.

As an introverted teenager these skills helped me come out of my shell.  I began to make lifelong friends through music and learned the values of patience, and listening to the people around me while maintaining my own values.

"Music has always been a huge gravitational pull at the centre of everything I do..."

- Zaid Crowe

Years Playing

Years Teaching

Current Bands


Tell Us About Yourself

Where Are You From?

I was originally born in Jordan, but currently reside in Birmingham, UK

Favourite Guitarist?

I couldn’t name just one; I’ve taken inspiration from so many over the years, but my short list would include:

  • Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • PLINTERVALS (Okay, I’m cheating here)
  • Mark Letteri
  • Rick Graham

…this was a hard list to make!

What's Your Playing Style

I always describe myself as ‘genre’ confused.

I love music in a lot of different styles, as a result I’ve studied the instrument as a means of expression.  I’d say playing was blend of rock/metal, blues, jazz and funk.

How long have you been playing?

I discovered music at the age of 11 and it instantly resonated with me.  Fortunately, I had a Dad that recognised this, and told me some amazing stories about his time in bands as a younger man.

As my enthusiasm for music grew I first began playing Piano.  After 2 years my attention wained and I became much more interested in guitar based music.  By the age of 13 I was obsessed with guitar, receiving my first acoustic (from Argos no less!).

What's your favourite guitar gadget?

My snark tuner! Nothing worse than a guitar thats out of tune haha!


Snark Tuner

Pick of choice?

Whenever I can get my hands on one, the elusive Red Bear Big Jazzer picks are my favourite but they’re pretty hard to come by so I normally use Jim Dunlop John Petrucci Signature picks.

John Petrucci Plectrum

String brand and gauge of choice?

Ernie Ball, I constantly go back and forward between string gauges, right now I’m using 10’s but at the start of this year I was playing heavier music tuned down to C so I was using 11-54’s.

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Strings

You're endorsed by .strandberg* guitars and fu-tone right?

It’s funny today I’m writing this and its the two year anniversary of the very first time I ever played a .strandberg* guitar. I totally fell in love with them from the moment I picked up a Plini signature model in GuitarGuitar Edinburgh, they sound like no other guitar I’ve ever played, they’re incredibly versatile and they’re also so effortless to play.

They fit all of my needs as a guitar player and also, Ola, Kasey, Ed Yoon and everyone else at .strandberg* are incredibly supportive and amazing to work with, it feels more like a family and I love that.

Any active bands/project currently?

I’m currently not playing in any bands but I am in the middle of writing and recording my first solo instrumental album which should be out at the start of next year (2018). I also do guest solos for other musicians, which is always fun.

How many guitars do you own, and why?

I own quite a lot of guitars, I’ve accumulated a lot over the years from pretty much saving every wage I ever earned and spending almost all of it on guitars or guitar related things. Guitar is like an addiction to me, I own a lot of different kinds of guitars and they all serve a purpose, for example I have an old strat because I love that vintage tone that you can’t seem to get from any other guitar. I also have a couple of seven string guitars because I love the extended range stuff even though I’m predominantly a 6 string player. I have four .strandberg* guitars as I can’t get enough of them, I absolutely love those guitars!

Where can people follow you online?

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